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The Sanskrit word Upadana has the following meanings:


Upadana translated from Sanskrit means clinging or grasping and refers to the ninth link in the twelve-linked chain of Dependent Origination (Pratitya-samutpada).

Upadana and Trsna are seen as the two primary causes of suffering (Dukkha) in Samsara.

Upadana (Clinging) is dependent on Trsna (Craving) as a condition before it can exist.

"With Craving as condition, Clinging arises".

Upadana (Clinging) is also the prevailing condition for the next condition in the chain, Becoming (Bhavana).

"With Clinging as condition, Becoming arises."


Upadana means material basis or cause. Ulpívání Upādāna Upādāna

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