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This article is about the Sanskrit term. For the film actress, see Bhavana (actress).

Bhavana, translated from Sanskrit means "to become", "becoming", "cultivate". Sometimes wrongly translated as "meditate" or "meditation". It's reference to meditation is more correctly stated as "the cultivation of meditation" or "the cultivation of the meditative state". (Dhyana is the Sanskrit term for meditation).

As with many Buddhist terms that have no direct equivalent in English, its sometimes necessary to use several english words or terms to try and convey the full breadth and scope of its original meaning.

Bhavana is the tenth link in the twelve-linked chain of Dependent Origination Pratitya-samutpada.

Bhavana (Becoming) is dependent on Upadana (Clinging) as a condition before it can exist.

"With Clinging as condition, Becoming arises".

Bhavana is also the prevailing condition for the next condition in the chain, Birth (Jati).

"With Becoming as condition, Birth arises."

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