Nakamura Hajime

中村元Nakamura Hajime(中村元 November 28,1911 – October 10,1999) was a Japanese Buddhist philosopher. Nakamura was born in Matsue, Shimane. He graduated from the Department of Literature at Tokyo University, and was a professor there from 1954 to 1973.

After retiring from Tokyo University, he established Toho Gakuin (The Eastern Institute, Inc.) and lectured on philosophy to the general public. Nakamura was an expert on Sanskrit, and among his many writings are commentaries on Buddhist scriptures. He was influenced by the Indian philosophy of Buddhism and Chinese, Japanese and Western thought. He made remarks on the problem of bioethics.

Nakamura is a plain language that can be understood by ordinary people after reading through Sanskrit of India and the scriptures of Pari and Tibetan as well as research achievements beyond the academic standards of the world.


buddha monk

buddha monk