Gokoku Ji

護国寺Gokuku-ji (護国寺, Gokuku-ji?) is a Buddhist temple in Tokyo’s Bunkyo-ku. It was established by the mother of the Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi.

In 1873, Emperor Meiji declared Gokoku-ji the Imperial mausoleum, and several of his children are buried there, as well as Emperor Meiji himself. It remains the Imperial mausoleum today.

Gokoku-ji is also famous as the central temple that oversees the practice of Japanese tea ceremony in all the country’s temples.

Important cultural property

  • Main Hall Genroku 10 Year (1697) Established
  • Temple of moonlight (Former Sonjoji Nikkoin Shrine, Momoyama period)
  • Bronze copper bells
  • Silk original ink painting fisherman figure Zhang Rushi (China · Age)
  • Leisiki Ebisu tree bamboo pattern dye embroidery sleeve
  • Temple boundary collection
  • Cavalry Kannon Harada Naoshiro Brush (1890 Oil painting linen cloth) (deposited at the National Museum of Modern Art, designated in 2007)


buddha monk

buddha monk