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Wat Chedi Liem (originally Wat Kuu Kham) is one of the wats in the ancient Thai city of Wiang Kum Kam, now part of present day Chiang Mai. The original name means 'The temple of the Gold Chedi' and the new name means 'Temple with Angular Chedi'. Monks still live there.



There is no clear indication of when the wat was first built, but it was certainly in use during the Lannathai period as the new city of Chiang Mai was being built by King Mengrai.


The current buildings are from a renovation in 1908 CE by a Burmese trader. Because of this many of the decorations of the wat are Burmese in style. For example, all but one of

the monks on the chedi are wearing the yellow Burmese colourings rather than the white Thai colours.

The chedi was also renovated in 1992 CE when a number of other improvements were made to the site. Not all of these improvements were popular, nor where some needed repairs carried out. Despite its great age the wat is used in much the same way as later wats (for example, there is a weekend market there).


The chedi is a five-tiered design common in the early Lannathai period and shows clear influence of Haripunchai design. Each corner of the chedi is guarded by a large, outward facing lion.

The main hall decorations are in very good condition both inside and out.


  • History of Wiang Kum Kam & Ancient remains - Anonymous

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