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The Reclining Buddha of the Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram is the 3rd largest of its kind, being 33 meters in length. This gorgeous traditional Thai temple complex would be well worth a lengthy visit even without the Reclining Buddha, but no doubt most visitors come to pay homage and admire the majestic golden Buddha. In the main shrine in front of the Reclining Buddha there are smaller shrines of different Buddhas and popular Thai deities. On the fantastically ornate temple grounds visitors can see many beautifully carved and lavishly colored statues of Devas and other mythical creatures.

The temple was built in 1845. The first monk was a Theravada Buddhist monk from Thailand, Phorthan Kuat, also known as the "Powerful Monk". Legend has it that he was very fond of laksa, a local specialty and even today devotees bring a bowl of laksa as an offering to his shrine.

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