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The Rev. Dr. Walpola Rahula is a scholar monk who trained and educated in the Theravadan tradition in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). His succinct, clear overview of Buddhist concepts is held in high regard and has become a standard.

He held eminent positions in one of the leading monastic institutes (Pirivena) in Ceylon, where the Law of the Buddha florishes from the time of Asoka and has preserved all its vitality up to this day.

He entered the Ceylon University, obtained the B.A. Honours degree (London), and then won the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of the Ceylon University on a higherly learned thesis on the History of Buddhism in Ceylon.

He is best known for his book What The Buddha Taught, which

is one of the best introductory books on Buddhism.


  • What The Buddha Taught (1959, ISBN 0802130313)
  • History of Buddhism in Ceylon: The Anuradhapura period, 3rd Centrury BC–10th Century AD (1966)
  • Humour in Pali Literature and Other Essays (1997, ISBN 9556500006)
  • The Heritage of the Bhikkhu: A Short History of the Bhikkhu in Educational, Cultural, Social, and Political Life (1974, ISBN 0394492609)
  • Heritage of Bhikkhu (1974, ISBN 0394178238)
  • Zen and the Taming of the Bull: Towards the Definition of Buddhist Thought: Essays (1978, ISBN 0900406690)
  • The Heritage of the Bhikkhu: The Buddhist Tradition of Service (2003, ISBN 0802140238) Walpola Rahula

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