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The Trungpa tülkus are a line of incarnate Tibetan lamas who traditionally head Surmang monastery (complex) in Kham (Eastern Tibet). There have been twelve such tulkus thus far. Mahasiddha Trungmase was the teacher of the first Trungpa Tulku, Kunga Gyaltsen.

The Line of the Trungpa Tulkus

  1. Kunga Gyaltsen
  2. Kunga Zangpo
  3. Kung Oser
  4. Kunga Namgyal
  5. Tendrel Chögyal
  6. Lodro Tenphel
  7. Jampel Chögyal
  8. Gyurme Tenphel
  9. Karma Tenphel
  10. Chökyi Nyinche (1875 to 1938)
  11. Chökyi Gyamtso (Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche), the XI Trungpa tulku, (1940 - April 4, 1987) was one of the most influential teachers of Buddhism in the west. He is the founder of Shambhala International.
  12. Chökyi Sengay (Sengye/Senge) (Choseng Trungpa Rinpoche), the XII Trungpa tulku (b. February 6, 1989). Chokyi Sengay is the present Trungpa tulku.

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