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Lithang Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche (born 1950, in Lithang Thil, Tibet) is a Buddhist leader from eastern Tibet. He was convicted of carrying out bomb attacks by the Chinese authorities and sentenced to death in December 2002 along with Lobsang Dhondup, a relative of his. Lobsang was executed almost immediately, marking the first execution of a Tibetan for political crimes in 20 years. the Rinpoche was granted a two year reprieve. Overseas human rights groups and United Nations human rights experts protested that the case against him was seriously flawed, that he did not receive a fair trial, and was mistreated in detention.

This sentence was commuted to life imprisonment on 26 January 2005. Many overseas advocates of the Rinpoche's continue to fight for a legimiate trial and his eventual liberation.

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