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Tarthang Tulku is a consciously reincarnated Tibetan lama who escaped from Tibet at age 25, then taught in Benares, India, until emigrating to America in the late '60s with his wife the poet Nazli Nour. After settling in Berkeley they established the Tibetan Aid Project (TAP)which continues till today serving the needs of the Tibetan refugee community. Tarthang Tulku eventually establishing the Nyingma Institute and Dharma Publishing in Berkeley, as well as the Odiyan Monastery. At the Nyingma Institute, Tarthang Tulku worked with his student Steven Tainer to form what began as a series of presentations, and eventually became the book, Time, Space, and Knowledge which became a modern classic. Through his efforts and that of his dedicated students, he has been instrumental in the conveying of Buddhism in the west.

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