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The Shōbōgenzō (正法眼蔵), lit. "Treasury of the True Dharma Eye", is Dōgen Zenji's collection of Zen Buddhist fascicles, written between 1231 and 1253 -- the year of Dogen's death (Dōgen, 2002, p. xi). Unlike earlier Zen writings originating in Japan, the Kana Shōbōgenzō was written in Japanese -- not Chinese. Other works by Dōgen, notably the Eihei Koroku and the Shobogenzo Sanbyakusoku, are written in Chinese. Shobogenzo Sanbyakusoku consists of over 300 Koan (open cases), and is distinct from the Kana Shōbōgenzō discussed herein. See: Heine, .)

Modern editions of Shōbōgenzō contain ninety-five fascicles, though earlier collections in the Soto Zen tradition varied in number (seventy-five, sixty, twenty-eight). Dogen himself considered only 12 of these fascicles to be complete. The essays in Shōbōgenzō were delivered as sermons. Some of the fascicles were recorded by Dōgen, while others were likely recorded by his disciples.

The contains all 95 Japanese fascicles, untranslated. The Nishijima/Cross translation, , is the only

English translation of the complete Kana Shobogenzo. The Stanford-based , an ambitious project to translate Dogen and other Soto texts, has completed several fascicles, and many other translations of individual fascicles are available. See references and external links.


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Shôbôgenzô 正法眼蔵

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