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Shambhala Training is a secular approach to meditation developed by the late Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and his students. Drawing its name from the legend of Shambhala, an ancient Asian kingdom where all members of the society were enlightened, the Shambhala teachings encourage us to wake up to the inherent dignity and goodness of ourselves and the world around us by cultivating the bravery and gentleness to expose our hearts to the world.

Shambhala Training is administered worldwide by Shambhala International.


The Heart of Warriorship and The Sacred Path

Shambhala Training is presented in a series of weekend programs, the first five of which are called "The Heart of Warriorship" and the latter seven, "The Sacred Path".

Warrior Assembly

The Warrior Assembly is the fruition of the Shambhala Training Sacred Path program. During Warrior Assembly, students study the Shambhala terma text, "The Golden Sun of the Great East", and receive the ashe practices of stroke and lungta. Warrior Assembly is a pre-requisite for attending Shambhala Vajrayana Seminary.

Vajrayana Seminary

The Vajrayana

Seminary is a two-part seminary designed to deepen students' practice and understanding of the buddhist and Shambhala teachings and to enter them into the vajrayana practices of the Shambhala Buddhist mandala. The seminary lasts two months. Part 1, Sutrayana Seminary, is led by a Shambhala acharya and provides in-depth training and study of the hinayana, mahayana, and Shambhala teachings. Part 2, Vajrayana Seminary, is led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and authorizes students to begin their Shambhala ngöndro--the preliminary practices for receiving the Rigden Abhisheka.

Ridgen Abhisheka

The Rigden Abhisheka enters the student into the practice of the Werma Sadhana. It is open to graduates of Shambhala Vajrayana Seminary who have completed their Shambhala ngöndro and to students who have already received the Werma Sadhana and completed their Kagyü Ngöndro.

Vajrayogini Abhisheka

The Vajrayogini Abhisheka is the formal entry into the practice of the Vajrayogini Sadhana, and is open to graduates of Shambhala Vajrayana Seminary who have completed the Kagyü ngöndro practices.

Abhisheka of Chakrasamvara

The Abhisheka of Chakrasamvara introduces the student into the mandala of Chakrasamvara. It is open to graduates of Shambhala Vajrayana Seminary who have completed their Vajrayogini practice.

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