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Namgyal Monastery (rNam Gyal in Tibetan, named for a long-life deity) is any of several Tibetan Buddhist institutions associated with the Dalai Lama(s).

(1) The monastery (dratsang) historically housed within the Potala Palace, to which the Dalai Lama traditionally belongs. It was founded by the Third Dalai Lama, Sonam Gyatso, in 1575, and has focused on ritual duties associated with the Dalai Lama in his religious role. Whether the Peoples Republic of China has maintained an institution with this name is unclear.
(2) The same institution in exile in

Dharamsala. For several decades its monks have accompanied the fourteenth Dalai Lama overseas, and demonstrated such things as lama dances and Tibetan sand painting or sand mandalas at various venues.
(3) An American branch of the above, founded 1992 in Ithaca, New York. Its several monks (rotated in and out from Dharamsala) teach a several-year curriculum in "sutra and tantra," including Tibetan language, to a clientele consisting predominantly of Western dharma students. In addition it sponsors various lectures, short courses, and retreats. Its full name is "Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies."


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