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Ledi Sayādaw (1846, Burma - 1923) was a famous Theravadin Buddhist monk in Burma. He revived the practice of vipassana meditation and wrote many manuals or expositions (Dipani) on Vipassana. His leading disciple was Saya Thet Gyi, a layman.He wrote many books on Dhamma in Burmese in such a way that even a lay person can understand , hence he made Dhamma accessible to all levels of society.This scholarly, saintly monk was instrumental in reviving the traditional practice of Vipassana, making it more available for renunciates and lay people alike.


  • Manual of Insight (Vipassanā Dīpanī)
  • Manual of Conditional Relations (Patthanuddesa Dīpanī)
  • Manual of Right Views (Vipassanā Dīpanī)
  • Manual of the Four Noble Truths (Catusacca Dīpanī)
  • Manual of the Factors of Enlightenment (Bodhipakkhiya Dīpanī)
  • Manual of the Constituents of the Path (Magganga Dīpanī)
  • Five Kinds of Light (Alin Kyan)
  • 5 Questions on Kamma; Anattanisamsā

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