Jakusho Kwong

Jakusho KwongJakusho Kwong-roshi is an American Zen Buddhist teacher of the Soto sect who studied with Shunryu Suzukiroshi, the author of Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind. Jakusho is his Buddhist name, his given name being Bill Kwong. Kwong-roshi has received Dharma transmission from Suzuki-roshi’s son, Hoitsu.

Kwong-roshi and his wife Laura ‘Shinko’ Kwong together founded the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center in California. The center’s main temple is named Genjo-Ji, which is inspired by the essay Genjo Koan by the 13th century Japanese Zen Master Dogen.

Kwong-roshi has established affiliated Zen centers in Iceland and Poland, and conducts meditation retreats (sesshins) there yearly.

Kwong-roshi is the author of the book, No Beginning No End.

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