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Huangbo Xiyun (Simplified Chinese: 黄檗希运; Traditional Chinese: 黄檗希運; Hanyu Pinyin: Huángbò Xīyùn; Wade-Giles: Huang-po Hsi-yün) (died 850) was an influential Chinese master of Chan Buddhism. He was born in Fujian, China in the Tang Dynasty. Later he became a monk in Huangbo Shan (lit. Huangbo Mountain). That is how he got his name.

Huangbo was a disciple of Baizhang Huaihai (Japanese: Hyakujo-Ekai) and the teacher of Linji (Japanese: Rinzai).

Huangbo 黄檗希運 Hoàng Bá Hi Vận

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